Creating a Better Political System


Irrespective of one’s ideology, or beliefs, almost everyone understands, there’s considerable handicap, making the machine, operate ineffectively and inefficiently, and so is frequently, less than correctly guided, to serve the common good, and/ or requirements.

Since we’ve observed a lot of incidents, in which it seems, politicians have a tendency to put politics, their private agenda, or self – interest, before their needs, objectives and priorities of the components, and also the common good! Bearing that in mind, this report will try to briefly analyze, and talk. Make our governmental system, as well as the politicians. Fairer and improved.

Make Laws Purer

Lately, through so – called, legislative struggles, particularly about health care, and taxation reform, we’ve seen, many unrelated, add – ons, so as to get political support. Would not it be safer, if politicians, needed to vote on particular matters, like which makes it on other problems?

Penalize the Politicians

Whilst you may expect, we elect representatives, who concentrated, chiefly on the requirements, aims, priorities, and best interests, of those they serve and signify, we frequently witness, rather the opposite behaviour! Unfortunately, we frequently see, people, who seem, to care about their pursuits, than the frequent good. By way of instance. When they endured, if their activities caused the others to, possibly, we would see less malfunction.

Require Ethics

Should not there be, a rigorous, moral code, which elected officials needed to live up , such as removal of conflicts of interest, and other sorts of private behaviour? Speaking about it, or responding, after the fact, does not make them moral, but real punishment and effects, might!

When they had the very same concerns, regarding problems, like retirement, and healthcare, do not you think that it may be treated, as a higher priority?