Back-tracking and also back stabbing come from the society as the covetous mindset entered the individual thoughts. You can find innumerable and sour episodes inside our own entire life to demonstrate the way the individual relations go sour once both aspects, money and power, grew to become the most deciding facets. 

Things within this entire planet revolve across the currency. None the less, real connections do exist minus expectation of something in exchange but enjoy independently. A mommy showering affection and love in the direction of the kiddies is just one for instance.

Factions and institutions exist because of deriving deals and pecuniary benefits. A few folks contest that the people elections to put on title and extract dollars by the alternative celebration for preventing the separation into votes.

Lots of private and government associations invent the software with an opinion to swindle the people currency. The political and religious minds and commerce union leaders corner the advantages with colluding using the competitions however feign confrontation together with them at the start.