Prominent Political Figures And What They Drive

Quite a few political figures tend to be far better reputed for the image they show instead of the policies that they help support. If a political figure does not appear well-defined, do better and make all of the proper noises, they have got hardly any opportunity to be elected. I think that’s what happened in the most recent election that won Donald Trump. When it comes to cars, you could say the same thing. Cars that politicians drive have to be the same way – as convincing as the owner.

Nonetheless, we all know that these politicians don’t do all the dirty work when it comes to repair and maintenance jobs – they leave it all to the go-to people, the mechanic who makes use of the best car battery charger to keep these cars going.

A question was asked, what do you think should prominent politicians drive to represent them better?

Prominent Political Figures And Their Favored Cars

Donald Trump – President of the United States drives a Ford F150
Undeniably the loudest in the 2016 Presidential campaign of the United States. Donald Trump has a bold personality unconcerned of what people say or think about him. Many questioned him but eventually won the seat of presidency. Just like some have wondered if the brand new aluminum-bodied Ford F150 pick-up, if it has the reliability of its steel-bodies rivals. But Ford is still among well-liked in the market today.

Vladimir Putin is Russian President who drives Lada Niva
Yes, Lada Niva, an off-roader type of vehicle is still in the market despite its old design. The old Lada Niva could be unequipped for today’s modern life.

Tony Blair served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1194 to 2007. He drives an MG ZT-T 260 estate
The MG ZT had not been generally loved. Created in a cumbersome partnership between the faltering British maker and BMW. Tony Blair, regardless of appealing early signs, he lost his charm and favorable publicity when he made wrong decisions that backed an unpopular war in Iraq. Both Blair and the MG ZT has caused more problem than it was resolved.

More political figures and what they drive includes Hillary Clinton Tesla Model 3, Angela Merkel – Volkswagen Golf Efficient, Theresa May – Mini hatchback, and a lot more. The list could go on and on. Bottomline is that many political figures seem to reflect their personality with the cars they drove. Do you agree?