Each and every teenager is liable into this person who made him to his master, even within such a event a state and its own particular natural or money are God’s real estate and folks are God’s production. We’re charged with duty and responsibility of politicians, clergymen, neighborhood leaders or conventional direction to Handle, Create and preserve exactly what God has generated.

Un-Godly folks tainted society,” Corruption is obviously gross and sin wickedness which guarantees the societal cultural, political, economic and religious advancement of the nation. After a state denounces the jurisdiction of God and godly basic theory of governance that a seed of corrosion and erosion of citizenship, faith, peace, ethics and also the panic of God happens. This may definitely lead a state to some severe societal and ethical breakdown outside of individual understanding.

The following words may come out once you locate the phrase stewardship in virtually any circumstance,” Obligation” and”liability” We’re to conserve the state in non secular,morally,economic and societal corruption and pollution by almost any way. We want to handle, grow and conserve the federal, societal economic, non secular and people events and correctly control the federal tools, domestic investments, and federal treasury. We’ve got a responsibility and duty to both boost the societal, economic and ethical criteria of the communities as church leaders. It’s regrettable the church averted something that calls for neighborhood.