Politics Related Movies and Their Stories


Anyone who wants to watch layar kaca? Here are good old films about politics, money, and energy, which genre could be from political thrillers into screwball comedies.

Dr. Strangelove

The dead-serious counterpart to Dr. Strangelove, Fail Safe is just another Cold War cautionary tale about what could have occurred if some one of those bomb-laden B-52s had flown outside their”fail secure” points, and were going to fall their nukes within the Soviet Union. Henry Fonda stars as a president attempting to locate a means from a hopeless position, and prevent global Armageddon. Long before he had been J.R. at”Dallas,” Larry Hagman was affecting because the interpreter between the President and the Russian chief, together with the destiny of Earth in the equilibrium.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Patriotic, smart and stirring, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is the narrative of a political offender who comes to the Capitol filled with thoughts and also reverence for democracy, and that matches with corruption and dirty dealing. The movie’s sharp insights about the political process would be as valid today as they were in 1939, and Jimmy Stewart is famous as Mr. Smith. An antidote to cynicism about the pitiful state of politics, and also a reminder that public servants have a whole lot to live up to.

All the King’s Men

An excellent movie from a brilliant book, All the King’s Men is a literary re-telling of the lifetime of Louisiana Governor Huey Long, the Kingfish, and his rise to power as a populist. Country attorney Willie Stark assembles his very own empire since he builds schools, roads, and hospitals for the poor, and performs bare-knuckled politics together with all the remnants of their governmental aristocracy in his older southern country. The part of a life for Broderick Crawford, it is a clear-eyed look in a guy striking the uncomfortable balance between public support and the corruption of power.

The Manchurian Candidate

There has never been anything like this terrifying, surreal Cold War piece. Angela Lansbury is your stone-cold wicked tool of the Communists, manipulating her helpless McCarthy-esque Senator husband and functioning as the”control” for her son, a Korean War hero become a robotic assassin by black commie brainwashers. Together with Frank Sinatra as a different brainwashed soldier, a few eccentric dialog, and only plain trippy scenes of this brainwashing, the movie is still gripping. The Manchurian Candidate was remade in 2004 with Denzel Washington.

Seven Days in May

Another Cold War”what if” situation, Seven Days in May posits a coup by the army to take power from a President who had been being sporadically warlike in the face of Communist aggression. Maybe inspired by General Curtis LeMay and other right-wing army leaders’ sharp disagreements with President John F. Kennedy, it is a tense political thriller with a brainy script by Rod Serling and an outstanding cast. Kudos to a movie which makes the viewer believe — and care deeply about — civilian control of the army.

Advise and Consent

The melodramatic story of a President’s nominee to become Secretary of State (Henry Fonda) and also the political skullduggery that ensues when a southern senator (Charles Laughton in his final role) tries to undermine the selection. Actual Washington places and fantastic sets emphasize Advise and Consent, revealing what town and the Senate looked like from the 1960s. From a bestselling book, it was the first mainstream movie to portray a gay bar in pre-Stonewall New York, in which a Utah senator faces his blackmailer.