The Most Musically Inclined President

In the course of the presidential campaign in 1980, the team of Ronald Reagan team thought that the former governor in California would need to get the vote of the youth. And perhaps if Musically had been already around in that time, the team would buy musically followers.

At that time, the song “Born in the USA” was very popular. Naturally, the campaign team thought that the bond with Bruce Springsteen together with the song that they regarded as a patriotic cry will make a perfect theme song to go with Reagan’s great rhetoric.

So there could be a few imaginative embellishments injected into that account. Nonetheless, the point is that several presidents, as well as politicians, took the musical arts for their better and even their worse. Let’s see a few of these politicians who have dabbled in musical arts in their career.

Ronald Reagan

Besides his unsuccessful effort to acquire the previously mentioned “Born in the USA” campaign song, former president and his wife, Nancy were into the Beach Boys, there were actually big fans. The band happily represented California as Reagan’s home state with their song, images, surf, and sunshine.

Bill Clinton

In the 1992 presidential campaign, Bill Clinton was seen in the Arsenio Hall show performing Heartbreak Hotel on Saxophone. This was not really surprising as he has actually considered pursuing a music career before being lured to politics. Later, he donated his saxophone to the American Jazz Museum. But that appearance immediately charmed the people like it brought out his hip image that aligned with average American.

Among other politicians worth mentioning are Richard Nixon, Mike Huckabee, Lamar Alexander, Robert Byrd, Jerry Brown, Jon Huntsman, John Hall, and Barack Obama.

Barack Obama

Yes, former President Barack Obama is not just creating a better political system in the United States, but he is also musically inclined and he is enthusiastic about it. While he may have laid flat during his imitation of Al Green’s song in a public appearance, he maintained close ties with several musicians which provided him some sort of musical mantra. There were many occasions that he has invited several artists to perform in the white house. Paul McCartney was one of those who gladly performed.